Urban renewal -

done right

An urban renewal project is an orchestra with many players: architects, constructors, lawyers, consultants, appraisers and more. Dozens of professionals join forces to establish one harmonious creation. You can have the best, most expensive or most well-known professionals, and each of them will produce a great sound. However, only the combination of them all allows to achieve the perfect result.

This is where the management company comes into the picture…

Project management and advancement company

In order to succeed in the process of urban renewal, a professional party is needed who will accompany the process and succeed in bringing about agreements between all the parties, the municipality (the local committee and sometimes the district), the developer and the apartment owners.

Our company acts for the benefit of the tenants and on their behalf in order to bring the maximum value to the project and leverage the property of each tenant as much as possible. Leading urban renewal projects requires extensive knowledge and experience, and we are here to provide you with management services composed of orderly work processes – we manage relationships with professionals, developers and the tenants’ union, we remove obstacles and make joint decisions in a smart and comfortable way, while striving to carry out the project in the most optimal and profitable way. We manage the process down to the last detail, until the apartments are delivered to the tenants. 

The company is headed by Aviv Glam

As someone who is well acquainted with the world of real estate and urban renewal, Aviv recognized the difficulties that prevent adequate representation of tenants in urban renewal projects.

With the goal of giving the power back to the tenants, he founded a management company, while being determined to maintain complete fairness.

The company manages complex projects on behalf of the apartment owners end-to-end, from concept to delivery, followed by one-year warranty inspection.

The company supports apartment owners who understand the advantage of professional tenant representation, while it does not require them to pay any fees.